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Bandwidth Patch *Required to race in this league. Allows you to see more cars ahead and behind you.

Grand Prix Legends v1.0 to v1.2.0.4 Patch 1.25mb (* REQUIRED). Please note this is only the UK patch version. If you have a different version, visit the Papyrus web site and download your countries version.

Online Disconnection Fix 14kb (* REQUIRED) Helps stop disconnection drops while racing GPL online.

Direct 3D Patch 288kb Great graphics patch. Highly recommended if you don't have a 3DfX/Voodoo/Rendition graphics card. Works very well with nVidia's GeForce 1/2/3 cards. Please be aware that this is unsupported beta software.  

GPL No CD Patch For 64kb Allows you to run Grand Prix Legends without the original CD in the CD-ROM.

Chat Text Font Size 37kb (RECOMMENDED) When running GPL in resolutions over 800x600, it is hard to see the chat messages during practice or racing. Download this to make the fonts bigger. 

Also click HERE for links to GPL web sites which have some really cool graphic updates for Grand Prix Legends. Just look at what you can do below!


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