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 Joining the GPL League

To join this league please e-mail Tommie van Ostade with the following information:-

-Real name

-Race name



-PC Spec

-If any, other online racing you did/do do.

Alternatively, you can also make a post in the forum.

This league will race every Wednesday at 9:10pm UK Time. Please only consider joining if you are able to race online regularly. We do understand that not everyone will be able to make 100% of the races though.


Important Information...

You need to download IGOR/GEM+, which is needed to race online in this league. Follow the link on the menu bar to the DOWNLOAD section.

1) Where to meet for league races

In a room called TOCA2 in IGOR/VROC. Open this in your VROC by clicking 'chat' then 'create room' or by clicking on the blue '+' and adding 'TOCA2' as the chat room. In IGOR, open a new Channel and add TOCA2 as the new chat room.  



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