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 Rules (updated 31/8/07)

1) Race procedure

A) Open a race and start practice immediately, allow 10 min for everyone to get in and practice.

B) Once the flags wave for the end of practice everyone go immediately back to the pre-race area and join the main race grid as soon as it is possible. (Note 2 to drivers: The race will start automatically after a short delay and you will miss the grid lineup if you carry on practicing or don’t join in time. If you don’t join the lineup time you can still start but you will join from the pit lane, so you will be behind the others by whatever time you are late)

C) Races will be the 'Int Long,' to set number of laps for each track..

D) Stay in the server at the end of the race, and conduct the next race in the same way.

E) If there is a server crash and more than 50% of the race has been completed, then based on the positions of each driver upto the crash will be the result for that race. Under 50% racetime, and the race will be re-run with only 5 mins qualifying.  

2) Scoring

A) We will use the following scoring system so that every place is worth fighting for.

1st 10 pts
2nd 8 pts
3rd 6 pts
4th 5 pts
5th 4 pts
6th 3 pts
7th 2 pts
8th 1 pt.

DNS (Did Not Start) = no points, DNF (Did Not Finish) score according to order of dropping.

All race results will count towards the final league total, less your worst result for the season. So 1 race may be missed. The last race is compulsary though.

3) Etiquette/configuration

A) Take care at the starts. The car starts off on cold tyres, and you will have less grip for 1 or 2 laps.   If you cause an accident into T1 (and possibly T2 on some tracks) which could have been avoided then you will receive a penalty. Racing accidents will no go punished, but dam buster style dives down to T1 with brakes locked etc will be.

B) Be patient and explain what people need to do when they are stuck. Don't assume too much knowledge when explaining.

C) Drivers should have braking and acceleration help off for total realism, but any aids (within GPL) to assist in better driving is accepted .

D) Please take some time out and read the GPL Recommended Driving Behavior web site on better online racing. It is a great insight!

E) Use the forum to post messages if you can't attend.

F) Race evening may sometimes be delayed by approx 15-30 minutes when ever there are big events taking place i.e major football matches etc. Notice of any race meeting delay will be done through the forum AND newsletter.

G) When defending another car from overtaking, you may make 1 (ONE) move to block the car, but weaving is not accepted. 

H) If you take out another driver through no fault of the other driver, we feel its right to wait for him to get back onto the track and take up the same racing position before the accident you caused happened. Failing to comply could lead to a DQ for that race.

I) A penalty system is used to punish poor driving/racing. If you cause any accident which the CoC/s feel could be avoided then you will be issued with a point penalty.  1st lap turn 1 incidents will be closely watched and if you caused an accident which you could have avoided, you will be point punished, and details posted on the league forum.

J) If you want to make a complaint about poor driving, send a ZIPPED replay file to THE RACE STEWARDS who will each look at the replay and decide on that drivers fate. Race Steward is Tommie van Ostade. If a complaint is with one of the Stewards, then a 2th Steward will be selected.

K) During practice/qualifying please keep OFF the racing line on your out laps or cool down laps. So many times do I see someones qual lap wasted because someone got in their way while they were on their out lap etc.

4) Car Rules

A)The car choice is free.

Tommie van Ostade & F1RaCeR (Antony Marsh).



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